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June 4th, 2008


Summer has finally found its way to Turku and everyone should be outdoors enjoying it. However, at least some of You have been surfing in the Internet if any conclusions can be made from the fuzz that has been ongoing around the song Stay Silent.

Stay Silent, the first track of Stay Silent Forever -demo, has gotten a lot of interest from the public in the first weeks after the release in the Internet. It has already achieved the week’s song award in and it also found it’s way to TOP 40 list of the same forum, climbing as high as to the 3rd place with a lot of good peer reviews. It has held the number one spot of the rock/pop list for two consecutive weeks now. Keep listening to the song (from the site), let’s make it three in a row!

But that’s not all! There has been a huge interest towards the song from different kinds of people and institutions. Internet radio stations, movie makers and even computer game houses have been eagerly taking our song into their projects. More about these later…

For those of you who need to spend these sunny days without knowing what the second track on the demo sounds like, we can only suggest you to order a CD. It looks pretty damn good (thanks to Joni Marttinen). For the others who already have the luxury of having our Monkey in their CD collections, I just wish a warm and active summer. Be sure to check out your local rock happenings during the summertime! Great bands are on the wilderness…


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  • 1. Dani  |  July 29th, 2008 at 21.37

    Hey Jouni,

    it’s totally been a while that I’ve browsed this page because life has been busy. Those are awesome news, I am certain that you’ll be going places, your music has an honest, good touch to it!

    Nice to hear from You Dani!

    It took quite a long time and a lots of effort to get the latest CD out but it has been really rewarding already now! Now that we are hooked up with a new drummer, we are anxiously looking forward to get on stage again!
    - Jouni”

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