The secrets behind IAWW

April 23rd, 2008

Hey there,

I just remembered that I haven’t written anything about the song It All Went Wrong. I guess now is a good time to take that matter into hands, given the fact that the new songs are soon available. The story behind is a bit different compared to the other songs, since IAWW was partly written by just jamming. It’s pretty much the only time we got anything useful through jamming, thus jamming is a means that we don’t utilize in our song writing process that much.

It all started at the rehearsal space (some day in July of 2006). We were rehearsing some song over and over again and I got tired to that. “Let’s make a song. Right now, on the spot.” Since I’m not too good in playing unfinished songs to anyone else, I laid my hopes on the rest of the guys. “Come on, shoot me with a riff!” So Jouni answered to the challenge and doodled for a while (with bass) and came up with the riff (actually it’s not precisely the same as in the final version, because I remembered the riff a bit wrong when I made the first demo of the song) and me and Johannes just kind of followed and underlined Jouni’s bass riff. We played the riff for a while, and then a verse started to ring in my head. I just kind of knew what the chords should be. The basics of the verse melody also came up during the same jam session. The melody sounded a bit like something already written, but it took us a while to figure out which song it resembled. I will not mention the song, but I’ll give you this much: the song was a huge hit back in the 80’s. This was just another example of how hard it is to write something original in the world of pop music. But in defense, the melodies are not that much the same, just a few similar notes.

Jouni had an idea of what the song should sound like, and I then tried to follow Jouni’s intuition when building the chorus, the c-part and the outlines of the arrangement. He wanted it to sound like Nickelback, and I guess you could say that I made a pretty decent job on making the song sound like them… I actually don’t think, that the song sounds like Nickelback, it’s way too simple and not heavy enough to be a Nickelback song. But quite a few listeners have said that it sounds like them, so who am I to argue. With the lyrics I also tried to follow Jouni’s intuition and build a Chad Kroeger -style story about a girl whose life goes not the way she planned.

I especially like the guitars in the chorus, really nice harmonies and all that. I tried to combine Nickelback with the feeling of the guitars in the chorus of Dame’s “Pony”. Successfully, at least in my mind. In IAWW the chorus is riff-based rather than on chords, and I guess that is what brings the song a “Nickelback” sound. The c-part is a really simple riff, but I wanted to play with the rhythm a bit, so the riff goes in 3/4 while the drum beat is 4/4, which then means that the riff kind of circulates all the time. When your skill level is low, you’ve got to wear simple tricks in your sleeve.

I just listened to the first demo of the song. Man… a load of crap. I mean the idea is good and all, but the playing and especially singing are hideous. In that demo the song has a longer intro, but besides that it’s pretty much the same as the released version. There are a few more harmony guitars in the released version, but other than that the songs are really much the same. In the demo I had two different melody lines. We couldn’t decide which was better, so we made the decision of having them both on the song. So that’s why there are two different choruses. Because of our inability to make decisions.

The only thing that changed when the song was recorded were the drum beats. We changed about half of the beats. But not that big of changes, the basic rhythms stayed the same and all that, mainly we just adjusted the kick drumming (is that a word?). Ari had quite a job as we did most of the changes at the last minute. But in hindsight it was all worth it. The beats the earlier version had (which we played live many times, I might add) didn’t fit the song. The drums and the rest of the instruments were not in sync, so to speak. But yeah, a few bad words were flying around when we recorded the drums, and even more when Jouni tried to make them sound good.

As said before, we never meant to release the song; it was supposed to be just a test run, a recording rehearsal to be exact. That’s why we picked IAWW, because we were under the (false) assumption that it would be an easy song to record. That’s why all the verses have the same backing tracks, we didn’t record anything else though the live version is a bit more versatile guitar-wise. The vocals were also recorded sort of “on the fly”. Of course we did spend time on them, but there were many lead vocal parts and backing vocals that at least I thought that we would record again, and that’s why I didn’t push it to the limit. But we never did. Jouni mixed the whole thing, and since that was a massive work we decided not to re-record anything, because then we would’ve had to start the mixing all over again. And frankly we were quite sick of hearing the song. When your beginning to have physical symptoms from hearing a song, you know that that it’s time to either wrap up the song and send it to the world or bury it deep in the archives for the next generations to find.

Since this was supposed to be a rehearsal project, and was not intended to be out in the open, all the guitars were played by me. It took one night (or maybe two, I can’t remember) to record them, and probably two months to get something good out of them. There are something like 5 bass lines in the song, I guess because of Jouni’s inability to make decisions… Nah, the real explanation is that we tried to get the same fat low end as Nickelback has. Well, depending on who you ask, you might get an answer that we never got the good out of any part of the song…

But now, something like eight months later I’m able to listen to the song without any major flipping. I guess I can never be totally objective about our own songs and recordings (I tend to hear only the mistakes), but time heals what there is to heal. Maybe.

That’s it! Gotta get away from sunshine!


And oh yeah, Myne has finally released their debut album. It’s been a long wait, but based on the samples it was well worth the wait.

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    hey guys! how can i buy your music?
    i live in australia so yeah…
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