February 3rd, 2008

Hi there,

a few words about the playlist. I’ve gathered statistics from the last year, and it looks something like this:

    6 - Apulanta
    5 - Funeral for a Friend
    4 - All Time Low, Last Winter & This Day & Age
    3 - Acceptance, Deep Insight, Foo Fighters, Further Seems Forever, The Used

So 6 entries for Apulanta, not that big of a surprise. But I’m surprised that FfaF and Acceptance are so high on the list. And where is Metallica?!? Have I abandoned them? The list is not that reliable since I’ve just manually written a part of the records listened that week, so it isn’t scientifically correct. So why even bother trying to analyze? But I guess it gives a rough estimation of the soundwaves I’ve poisoned my ears with.

What else, oh yeah, you don’t want to go to “Levyale”. It’s anything but cheap… I did find some ok deals, but exactly that was the problem. It becomes a bit expensive to buy 8 cd’s and a double-DVD. But as I said, there were a few bargains too, for instance Jimmy Eat World’s new album “Chase This Light” (a really good album I might add) for 5,99 and Bloodpit’s “Off the Hook” for 3,99 just to mention a few.

I was going through some photos, and I found a photo that really compliments me… not. I thought I’ll share it with you, after all, one has to be able to laugh at himself. I have quite a long hair and Jouni has virtually no hair. Hairwise things have changed a bit from those days (this picture was taken last summer at a friend’s farewell party), but not that substantially: I still have too long a hair, but Jouni has managed to get rid of the army hairdo. Definitely album cover art material. Enjoy.

A moron
Me at my finest hour.

Lately I’ve been getting into Robbie Williams (not literally though). I read a book about his life and am now half-way through another one and I have to say that he is a pretty interesting and controversial person. He has stated that he merely acts a character called Robbie Williams. And after having done that for something like 15 years, I guess it’s understandable that the line between what’s real and what’s not tend to fade a bit. But yeah, he has got a pile of good songs, he’s a good singer and above all, an exceptional showman. You should read the books even if you don’t like his music, at least it reveals the lyrics in a completely new perspective.

I guess that was all for this weeks episode of “Revealing embarrassing secrets”. Later,


P.S. Jermaine have finally signed a new record deal. Their old company closed its doors for good, and now the band has found a new record label. A new song can be heard in their myspace page (click this). Sounds good, doesn’t it.

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