People want, people get

April 12th, 2010

Greetings my fellow citizens,

The time has come to offer you bread and circuses in the form of two acoustic songs. The long-term plan is to make acoustic versions of both old and new songs and publish them every now and then.

These two songs were recorded in the fall/winter of 2009, and as we were drummerless at the time, Johannes was promoted to the position (with Caj√≥n as his weapon). A position I envy cause let’s face it, deep down we all want to be drummers, right? Though I’m saying this myself, the versions turned out quite good, Repeat is a piece of perfection. If you do not agree, just pretend you do. The thought of someone not liking the versions is unbearable.

Ever Since The Day - There’s No Such Thing as a Free Favour. Please enjoy, I’m begging you!