Live @ Get over getting older -tour, Turku

December 18th, 2009

On se simmost,

The second leg of the “Get over getting older” -tour was in Turku on the 12th of September 2009. Again we were rolling as a trio, and had spiced up our setlist with a few carefully picked cover songs.

These sorts of private occasions are a bit controversial. On the other hand it’s nice to play when the audience is on a festive spirit, but then on the other hand people usually have lots of catching up to do, so most of them will only concentrate on chatting with each other. But luckily there are always, or at least almost always, a few of those who are interested in the band too. Now it’s time for the CCD cells to tell the story:

“Now if you all would look at that direction for the whole time, this would be like any other of our gigs.”

This time we were asked to wear clothes from this century.

Jouni collapsed after we told him he would have to play a bass solo.

After getting over the worst shock, Jouni tried to row back home.

Our multi-instrumentalists Johannes and Jouni had a number of instruments to play: Johannes had the main responsibility for the cajón and on a few songs he played the guitar. Jouni was playing mainly bass and guitar, but got to show his skills as a percussionist on “How You Remind Me”. I wasn’t granted a permission to play the cajón, which was a personal bummer. After all, I am an aspiring drummer (with a complete lack of skills, though).

The photogenic ones know when to look into the lens.


I didn’t want anyone to know this, but in reality I am a reptile.

Who said that terminators do not sweat?!?

“Well, I’ve got a fever / A non-believer / I’m in a state of grace”

“Put your index finger here, your middle finger here and your pinkie here, that’s E minor seventh.”

Stay Silent
Rock With My Band
Falling to Pieces
Away From Sunshine
It All Went Wrong
Maailma on sun
How You Remind Me

We actually recorded the gig, and I must say that it sounded really good at times. Though, I must admit that at times it sounded anything but good… My speaks were cunningly witty, too bad no one heard them.

“I think the gig went quite well. Wonder what Jouni thinks?”

Jouni thought that this was our best gig ever. This was before we listened to the recording.

Ransom is Johannes’ all time favorite movie. “GIVE ME BACK MY DRINK!”

The relief.

I have a feeling that I am again getting closer to the point of getting fired from the band because of the image titles, so it might be best if I stopped this now before it gets any uglier. What? Are you absolutely sure? Ok… This is the last time then.

After listening to the recording Jouni decided to forget music and concentrate on dishwashing.

Verokorttia odotellessa,