Jouni - bass


I’m a Bass player originating form Pori, but currently located in Turku. I used to play guitar, but Kari and Johannes encouraged me to pick up the bass and set up a band with them, and I thought what the hell.. Let’s give the guys a shot! Nowadays I feel pretty confortable with my 5 stringer. My musical enthusiasm began many years ago with Metallica… and when I saw my older cousins playing it I had to learn it myself! I studied playing the guitar few years, but other activities kept me too busy to continue it.

Back then there were projects with different guys, but mostly we did it for fun. After many years of just jamming and speaking about setting up a band, it really feels great to make some noise with these guys. So many nights we just kept talking about setting a band with Kari, but forgot it along with the next mornings hangover. Now bones aching from football injuries, I’m doing my best to drive some anger to the band as a part of the Ever Since The Day beat-team together with Henkka.

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