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I started my musical career first with violin at the age of seven in Loimaa, where I’m originally from. I continued with violin till high school. Already a few years before I had got interested in electric guitar and rock music. When I was about 14, I got to know new guys from school who also had similar interests and some musical background. So we set up a rock band and continued playing in high school. When I moved to Turku to study in the university, I didn’t find any friends to set up a band with, so my guitar pretty much only gathered dust for a couple of years.

The key moment for the band hobby of recent years was a party with my student friends in 2002. With Taneli, we picked up guitars and played some Metallica (surprise surprise) just to entertain our friends. We got an idea that we should form a band and get ourselves to play in student parties. Timo volunteered to be the singer and I persuaded Antti and Jussi to get in also. With them I had played already in my first bands in Loimaa. The band was called Kauniinmetsästäjät, and we played a couple of gigs in various student parties. After this band we set up another similar band with Antti and Jussi, only this time we had girls with us, which was a great idea. The band was called Tuna. With Veera as the lead singer and Anneli as the keyboard player/singer we experienced tons of great moments and several spectacular gigs!

After Tuna we re-assembled Kauniinmetsästäjät again, but this time with Kari as the second guitarist. During those six months I got to know Kari better. We played two gigs, and after that we were again without a band. With Kari we decided to start playing his own songs and forget the covers. We got Jouni and Ari with us and the rest you can read from our band’s biography.

Although I already mentioned Metallica, it wasn’t my first touch into rock music. Guns N’ Roses made the first impression and as far as I remember, it drove me to get a guitar myself. Still I consider Slash as one of the most stylish guitar players I’ve heard. After GNR came eg. Eric Clapton, before I got to know Metallica. Nowadays I listen to various bands, rock, hard rock, metal… The genre is not important if the music just sounds good. The list of bands goes on, but some of them are here: Deep Insight, Disco Ensemble, Audioslave, Billy Talent, Dredg, Metallica, System Of A Down, Rage Against The Machine, 30 Seconds To Mars, Apulanta, Megadeth, Diablo, Lostprophets, Soilwork…

Disco Ensemble, Foo Fighters, Story Of The Year, Seamus, Billy Talent, Saosin, Taproot, Biffy Clyro, Funeral For A Friend, Avenged Sevenfold, Escape The Fate, Major Label, Audioslave, Lostprophets, Deep Insight, Moments In Grace, Metallica, The Used, System Of A Down, Scars On Broadway, Dredg, Jermaine, Wiidakko, Novembersoundsbetter, Alter Bridge…

My gear acquisition syndrome symptoms at the moment:

Epiphone G400 Deluxe (w/ SD pickups)
Fender Lite Ash Stratocaster
Mesa Boogie Rectoverb combo
PodXT Live

See you on gigs!


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