Kari - vocals & guitar


It all began when I first heard Metallica’s Wherever I May Roam. Though I had played the guitar before, I never really got into it until hearing the awesome riffs and the unbelievably good sound of Hetfield’s rhythm guitars. Before that I had played the piano for something like 9 to 10 years. I’ve never really taken guitar lessons, I just learned to play by myself. With enough motivation you can learn almost anything.

After listening to pretty much nothing else than Metallica for some time, I started to listen to Megadeth, Sentenced and other heavy bands of the same sort. After that came punk and Green Day and The Offspring. In addition to these bands, I have always liked pretty much all kinds of music. I believe that the key to writing good music is listening to all sorts of music, regardless of the genre.

I am influenced by practically all music, but lately I’ve been listening to (in no particular order) Lostprophets, Mae, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Almost, Hoobastank, Last Winter, Further Seems Forever, Moments in Grace, Dredg, Billy Talent, My Chemical Romance, System of a Down, Funeral for a Friend, Thrice, Breaking Benjamin, Katatonia, Thursday, Deep Insight, Disco Ensemble, Entwine, Bleak, 51koodia, Happoradio, Apulanta, just to name a few. I could go on forever. There’s just so much good music out there.

In Ever Since The Day I play the guitar and sing the lead vocals. I was never planning to be the lead singer, just the guitarist and a backing vocalist. But in the beginning we had no singer and I sung when we rehearsed, and things just kind of stayed that way.

Photo by Juha Kurri

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