Live @ Vrock semi-finals

August 1st, 2007

We finished our summer break a bit early, when we were asked to play in Vrock band competition in Salo on 25.7.2007. Here’s the story about the gig.

Vrock is a new rock festival in Salo and they arrange this band competition whose winner would get to play in the festival. We were supposed to play our first gig after the break in Brinkkalan kesä, but when there was a chance to play a festival gig, we couldn’t say no. We had a couple of weeks to rehearse our competition set after not been playing together at all for almost two months. Luckily the set length was only 20 minutes, so the task wasn’t so hard. We ended up playing the same set we played on radio X3M.

We had to bring almost our whole backline with us to Salo. Only Jouni’s bass amp wasn’t needed. Drums, guitars, guitar amps and the band, that needed two cars. We drove to Salo and surfed around the town a bit before finding to the venue, night club Night (sounds strange, yes). The two other bands, The August and Miehuuskoe, arrived at the same time. The sound check was a bit of a hassle, as nobody really told the bands who would be playing and when. We had no clue about the playing order. So we took the control in our own hands and did the sound check first. That also meant that we would be performing as the last band.

There was also a bonus tension factor on this gig. Rock-Rooster was going to film the performances and play them in their Internet-TV. After the sound check they wanted to interview us, so we went outside and found a nice spot for that. Unfortunately some drunken guy from the nearby bar wanted also to participate the interview. He had “cool” ideas about how he would make a deal worth millions with us… Luckily the girl doing the interview was brave enough to tell the man to get the f*** away from there. Well, that worked for some time and we got the interview ready.

After the interview started the fun part: waiting. The bar did not open until at 22 o’clock, and the first band started at around 23 o’clock. Our competitors played really well. The first band, Miehuuskoe, was from Salo so they had a big group of supporters present. Unfortunately the people weren’t that interested in the other two bands, so we and The August had to play for an empty floor. That was quite annoying.

The switching times between bands stretched quite much, and we had to wait for our turn long. We had done a sound check for the monitor speakers also, but when we got to the stage, the settings were somewhat different. Surprise, surprise. I heard myself quite well, except for my singing. But Kari had once again the major problem: he couldn’t hear his guitar. This happens easily when you are standing in the middle of the stage and can’t position your amplifier near you. So the only way to hear your guitar is through the monitor speaker. And if the levels aren’t the way they were set in the sound check, well, that’s a mess.

Because of the hearing problems, we had a really strange tuning issue in the last couple of songs. We still don’t know what that was about, but apparently all of us were not playing or singing in the same tune. The songs in general went quite OK. I made some minor mistakes myself, and I think that was mainly because of the long training and gigging break. By the way, this time I had a red T-shirt on, as suggested by some fans… ;) Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures about that, or the show overall.

After our show was the time to announce the two bands that would continue to Vrock finals. We came in third. No finals for us this time. The competitors were really good, so no complaints about the decision. This gig was good practice for the next “real” ones anyhow.

We packed the gear, drove to Turku, left the gear to our rehearsing space and drove home. I was at home after 3 o’clock. And the next day was a working day for me and Kari. So I guess this is the everyday routine for a rocker.

Hope to see you all in the next gigs!


- Stay Silent
- Crash
- It All Went Wrong
- Forever