Live @ Linnarock

June 7th, 2007


Summer has already reached Finland. Seems like the festival season is soon to begin - at least the weather at Loimaa on the 26th of May was warm and moist already in the afternoon. However, at least the man behind the bass got his shirt wet also during the night… Read on to know about the show if you missed it.

ESTD@LinnarockAs the PA and backline were
mostly not from us it was almost too easy just to show up at Heimolinna with my bass in the left hand and a bag on the other. I was actually amazed how impressive the building was. More amazed I was about the stage when I stepped inside. And not just the size of the stage, but the PA and lighting that was set up. I have seen nice fixed setups, but this was the first completely mobile setup, that in my opinion, could easily compete against many fixed setups we have played with.

It was also nice to see that behind the mixing desk there was an already familiar guy, Mr. Talvitie, who managed to spoil his non-smoking campaign during the recording of ‘Through My Eyes’. I’m not sure if he had been smoking ever since, or if our soundcheck was too much for him but I soon noticed him picking a cigarette from his pocket… Unfortunately smoking was prohibited indoors so he had to wait with the unlit cigarette in his mouth until we were finished and after that could he go out for a relief.

The first thing that really surprised us during the soundcheck was the echo that just went on and on. After all, the venue was quite large. If the only thing you hear from your own singing or playing is the echo coming half a second late, it kind of messes up everything. For the drummer it’s probably the hardest. You can’t be sure that are you hitting the drums in time, or off time. All the same with singing, when you hear your own voice echoing from the back wall, it’s far too late to get back to tune.
ESTD@LinnarockWhen the soundcheck was made there was again a lot of time to be spent. Luckily the local pub keeper had made a very fascinating banner that provided us a few minutes of amusement… OK 5 more hours to go until the show…

As Johannes was busy with organizing the happening, we decided to take a look at Loimaa by ourselves. Well, our journey was something like 50 meters because there was a suitable “anchorage” just across the street to have lunch in. And the lunch was fine, I have to admit. I guess we learned from our trip to Tampere that it is better not to get involved with kebab outside of Turku… At least Archie did not smell so bad, but played with fate: there were jalopenos at the salad table. If you have read what happened at Nokia in November 2006 you know what I’m talking about. It seemed that Ari had learned nothing. But later on we found out that Ari’s stomach was more resistant to jalopenos than half a year earlier. No Mexican shit this time.

When we got back to the venue it was already time for Alania to start their set. Alania was followed by FrozenHell, who had taken a more aggressive approach to singing in their new songs since their Bandstand gig. Calf was next, and at least in the backstage that was under the stage it felt like those guys either had a really energetic set or the drummer fell off from his drum chair once in a while… At least it is a small miracle that the lamps did not fall from the ceiling. That, and some guys from the other bands being butt naked doing God knows what with hand towels in the side room made this backstage to leave it’s fingerprints on my mind forever =)

We were on stage next, a bit late from the schedule but not much. It was good to see that there were quite a lot of people present and the nicest thing was that there were people singing along with the songs. Seems that some ladies in Loimaa have found our music already! Thank you all for making the show unforgettable!!

We have modified the intro of Crash a bit, and now Ari is hitting china cymbal instead of ride. Obviously Ari’s china turned during the intro, so he couldn’t use it in the song anymore. Here’s an advice to you all. Please do attach your cymbals and drums properly, and remember to tune your instruments, especially the back-up instruments too… we’ve been there, done that.

The stage was moisturized with beer by Calf and it was quite slippery but that did not hinder us from having fun up there. And we sure did! According to rumors Kari even told a GOOD joke that night. Unluckily I totally missed it… maybe next time I’ll be all ears when Kari is speaking!

After us Poor Seamus gave their fans what they had come for… Hopefully Anna managed to keep her socks dry on a stage filled with beer!

- Stay Silent
- Sanctuary
- Night
- Crash
- Falling to Pieces
- It All Went Wrong
- Forever
- Still nameless

Thanks to the whole Linnarock organization, bands and all of you who enjoyed the show with us!

- engine

(Pictures by Juha Kurri /