Live @ S-Osis and BigBoom - 2 Days of Rock and Road

May 9th, 2007

During the 3rd and 4th of May performed Ever Since The Day two shows. First in Turku, S-Osis and the second in BigBoom semifinals in Vuoltsu, Tampere. Although we did not manage to qualify for the BigBoom finals, read on what happened during these two longish days.

As we had decided to use our PA in the gig at S-Osis, there was three full loads of gear to be transferred from our ‘base’ to S-Osis. Luckily we had a chance to do this already on Wednesday, so it would not be too strict a schedule on Thursday. We managed to get our gear up and running in a reasonable amount of time, and made some soundcheck for our band as we would be the last band to play on Thursday. Actually the PA was a combination of our gear and Supermassive’s mixer and few microphones.

Thursday was to be an easy day for us.. Soundcheck was already done and nothing special activity was scheduled for us. However, thinks NEVER go like you have planned, so it was the case that day also. Johannes had planned to just visit S-Osis when he returns from work and then go home to eat and relax for a while, while the other bands would do their soundcheck. The originally planned guy to mix the show wasn’t able to come so Johannes took the credit of doing the souncheck together with the other guys. Despite of this unfortunate change in plans Johannes did not starve and at least Nerveseed and Frail sounded great. Then the (not so unthinkable) happened. One of the monitors started to keep strange sound and finally it broke. There was nothing to be done while the Frail was on stage, although we tried to change the cables on the fly together with Johannes. Nothing happened - the monitor was dead.

ESTD - S-Osis '07

When Frail had finished their show (really great show, I have to admit) we tried to fix the monitor, and with the help of Leatherman, some freaky ideas and a bunch of good luck there was sound again in the monitor. But the happiness did not last for too long. During Supermassive’s show the monitor started to keep a helicopter-like sound and we knew that it was the end of that monitor.

- Stay Silent
- Sanctuary
- Space
- Night
- Crash
- It All Went Wrong
- Forever

So when we finally got up on the stage there was one monitor missing. Well, I heard what I was playing and I heard the drums so it was enough for me. What I did not hear was my singing but after all maybe it was better. I had played a football match earlier that evening, so I felt myself a bit tired before the show. But as always the gig-feeling filled me right from the first notes and I really enjoyed to be on the stage. Despite of the small crowd, broken guitar strings (Kari’s strings this time) and really bad speaks that night the show was pretty good rehearsal for the next day’s BigBoom contest in Tampere.

As we got off the stage around 1AM it was time to gather our stuff and drive them back to the ‘Base’. During the driving the local police thought that a guy looking like Archie driving a full-filled car at that time of day has to be a thief. We could only stare our mouths fully open the situation as we drove by that corner where Archie was trying to explain his actions. What a night!

Around 3AM all of us were home. Archie was relaxing with a cold beer, Kari ate a half-can of raejuusto, Johannes took a VPN connection to work and I bought a hamburger meal with an extra double-cheese-bacon-hamburger.

After a few hours of sleep, a quick shower and a cup of coffee I found myself waiting for Kari to pick me up for our journey to Tampere. The BigBoom competition waited for us and as we collected Johannes and Archie around the city the car was pretty much silent, no jokes at all. Only some discussion about the previous night’s gig.

When we arrived to the old bra-factory to pick some gear, we all were pretty tired. It was really a masterpiece (only few failed attempts) how four more or less big guys were stuffed into a ‘French Freighter’ with all the gear we had decided to take with us. I have to say that there was plenty of room on the front seat as Johannes and Archie would notice in some phase of the trip.

We drove non-stop to Tampere and luckily found Vuoltsu without any special problems, however the map that Kari had printed out somewhere is not going to get any credit of it. It was pure luck that we found the place. What a blessing it was that there were letters big as a pussycat stating the correct location nearby the bus station. As we got out from the car in the Vuoltsu’s yard, Archie smoked (at least one) well deserved, during the trip self rolled cigarette and we others went to look for a toilette.

The first look to the gig facilities was a bit confusing. The stage was in the back-left corner of a pretty long and narrow room and the PA was placed interestingly to allow both the jury and the audience to hear what was to be played up on the stage. As we stood there surrounded by very enthusiastic organizers, amazed by how they could be in such a good mood in that time of day (I figured it out that they had surely had a great breakfast or at least a sufficient lunch by then - I hadn’t had a chance to get either), the other band from Turku ‘Molly Grows Up’ was doing their soundcheck. They sounded a bit lazy, but I thought it was either me or also them just waiting to get some lunch. After the Mollys were done, it was our time to get up to the stage with our gear and do the soundcheck. Everything went fine, despite of the nasty echo from the brick walls. But otherwise everything sounded nice and I believe that even Kari was happy with the monitoring at that time. So we took off for a lunch.

Archie talksWell.. I am pretty sure that Tampere is few light years away from Turku what it comes to kebab. I am not an expert (perhaps a mass user) but I have never ever seen grained carrots in a rolled kebab. As a result (not yet sure if it was just a shock or some unexpected chemical reaction in my stomach or a bacteria) I felt really sick all the afternoon. And I heard similar thoughts from the other guys. Especially Archie stated that “Never before has falafel smelled so bad after few hours in the stomach”. Yes, that’s enough about food this time.

We spent the afternoon by drinking coffee and refreshments and around 6PM we went back to Vuoltsu to get ready for our show and to see the other bands as well. I have to say that the organizers were really helpful and there were no problems what so ever during that evening. It was nice to see such active and enthusiastic people running the day. Thank You!

The first band on stage was Smokesuit and I personally liked the band a lot. Already then it was clear that there would be only good bands competing that night, so I decided to enjoy the playing and not to concentrate to the fact that this was a competition. During Turku Bandstand we learned a lot about overacting and pushing the limits too far - this time we were more relaxed and I guess we even had some fun on stage. It was nice to see that the youngish crowd seemed to enjoy at least It All Went Wrong and Forever a lot. The show went well and I am sure that Kari heard his singing from the monitor as it came out really loud this time! The only drawback in the stage was strange low-frequency ‘whooooom’ that came out from Archies monitor - I swear it wasn’t me and the 5th string!

The End

- Stay Silent
- Crash
- It All Went Wrong
- Forever

The next band on stage was Molly Grows Up, and the band was much more tighter than in the soundcheck. Or maybe it was me and my stomach again - or maybe the guys had found a better Kebab-Pizzeria somewhere! What ever the reason was, they sounded good enough to get qualified for the finals. The other band to qualify was Kiana.

Despite of the fact that we did not make it to the finals, it was a really nice to meet new bands and interesting people and to play for the guys and girls from Tampere. It was a nice night and special thanks goes to guys from Renoise and Kiana for lending their backline.

After we got our asses and gear back to the car it was time to take the trip back to home. Four more or less hilarious guys sitting in a full-filled car with only a single coffee pause (even the front seat was now filled despite of my objection)… Well you can only imagine how poor jokes such tired guys can produce! When we finally got the stuff back to the camp and guys back home I guess the relief was supermassive…..