Live @ Pelimies

March 30th, 2007

On the 21st of March we played a gig we didn’t crave for, but such a show was bound to happen sooner or later; 7 tickets sold. Despite that, the feeling was good. There were so few tickets sold, that it was more amusing than frustrating.

The place was Bar Pelimies at Turku. The PA system didn’t work that well, a few broken channels, some channels were equipped with weird scratchy noises, no cables what so ever, that sort of fun things. The mixing/lighting/karaoke/whatever -booth smelled like urine mixed with puke, nasty. So expectations were high… =) Needless to say, our monitoring was again pure hell. Maybe Mr. Murphy comes and messes up the monitoring on pretty much every gig, or maybe we just can’t adjust them right… go figure. There were actually more than 7 people present, but there was such a practice that the customers who were already in the bar early enough didn’t have to pay. The marketing of the event was pretty much non-existent, due to confusion and other reasons that I won’t go through here.

The first band to perform was Danny Lips from Helsinki, and they sure did play a great show. It’s a shame that so few people got to see and hear them. Hopefully they will come to Turku soon again, you definitely should go and see them live, for instance Go-go ride is a definite hit (you can’t go wrong with a cowbell, right?). Danny Lips headed back home pretty much straight from the stage, and after them it was our turn to hit the stage. It was actually fun to play, much more relaxed than for instance at Klubi a few days earlier. Even the horrendous monitoring couldn’t stop me from smiling. Probably because of the loose feeling, we actually played pretty good, no major mistakes or anything like that, we - or at least I - simply enjoyed playing for that handful of people. And I believe that we got a few new friends too, so a succesful gig in that sense too.

The last band was The Revolving Door, but to be honest, I really didn’t concentrate to their set that much. I had a chat with some old friends and the new friends I mentioned earlier. Jouni mixed the last band, so me, Johannes and Archie concentrated on refreshments and social interaction. =)

SetlistAnd as you all know by now, after the gig we had to carry all the equipment back to the rehearsal space, blah blah blah, nothing special or interresting there. After that we were all starving, and luckily found a pizzeria/kebab still open. Good pizza with ouzo-water spiced with really bad jokes (it was something like 2 A.M. after all). Jouni for instance told about his weird, in lack of a better word, tradition when eating, “voisilm├Ąpulla”, those baked rolls with sugar and butter in the middle. But Jouni is from Pori, so I guess one should try to understand his weird customs.

In a nutshell; just a few people in the crowd but still a nice and loose gig. Perhaps the most relaxed and fun show we’ve ever done.