Live @ Turku Bandstand 2007 Finals

March 22nd, 2007

Ever Since The Day took the shared 3rd place in Turku Bandstand 2007 competition on Saturday 17.3.2007. Huge amount of people were present in Klubi to see the exciting final and as a consequence the atmosphere was rocking good!! We want to thank all of You for being there with us - It really felt good to see so much familiar and unfamiliar faces enjoying the act that night. You really did look good down there ;)

Johannes Rocks!Beat and the TeamThe competition itself was pretty tight. According to jury the decisions were finally based on the votes of the audience - hard day to the judges I must say… but the winner was The Bad Habit. They really did their job well - great show filled with catchy party songs. Second place was taken by Crescendo and we shared the 3rd place with the Huge.

Our questionable luck was to be the second band on stage that night after the metal band Comanche, which got the most of votes in the first round of the competition and qualified straight to the finals. I only had a chance to see the first moments of their set… and of course they had a very similar start than we had planned to perform. So we had to make some fast changes to our plans. Thanks to the hurry, and general confusion we managed to decide a new start for the act in a really short time

When Comanche lowered their axes we got our 15 minutes to set up our stuff to the stage. We were a bit worried about playing without a sound check, but as it was advised not to do one we just set up our stuff and checked that something came out from the amplifiers. That was a small drawback, but what the heck - the stage is same for all the bands, right?

Perhaps due to the great audience, the band was again a bit more energetic on stage than before. However, due to the weird stage sound or the lack of the amazing light show seen in Vimma the overall performance was not just the same as in semifinals. Or perhaps all of us were just a bit too nervous? However, more sweat and other body liquids were shed within that 14 and half minutes than in the previous rounds altogether… As an evidence some of you might have seen Kari struggling with his balance during the Forever, and those of you that were more interested about the guys than the music might have noticed that Johannes almost managed to drop his jeans by somehow loosing his belt during the act.. amazing isn’t it??

The Band & The Crowd

After us the Next band on stage was “Kirahvi Nimeltä Tuike”, but unfortunately I only had time to concentrate to their last few chords, as during their sound check and the act there were so many friends to talk with and share thoughts about our show. People seemed to have really enjoyed it, and it was nice to hear a lot of good comments. Even the ‘hardest’ ones had found at least something positive =) Well, anyway it was nice to get so much positive feedback.

The night continued with great bands (Wakingsea, The Huge, Crescendo and The Bad Habit) and cold drinks. Unfortunately we weren’t the best that night but there is more nights coming for us, as well as for all the other enthusiastic bands. Let’s keep the clubs filled with great and different live music! See you There, guys and girls!

(Pictures: Tuomas Keränen)

- Stay Silent
- It All Wen’t Wrong
- Forever