Live @ Basso.

March 15th, 2007

03.03.2007 Ever Since The Day blew up the eastern Turku with Nerveseed by playing the first gig in Archie’s old neighborhood. Lots of old and new friends showed up to Basso. Thanks to that the high atmosphere was guaranteed.

The evening started as usual by taking all the stuff and equipment to Basso. Thanks to the gig at Klubi we already approximately knew what each band would take to the gig. The real challence was to finally tune up the sound to the volume levels whitch wouldn’t break the ears of the audience and to be honest we really made it happen. As a little help we had a decibelmeter in use. Of course there was again lots of different kinda opinions about it, e.g. that the cymbals sounded like old pots but on the other hand barely nobody said the volume would’ve been too loud either. So I suppose some compromises have to be done sometimes to reach as close as possible to perfection in entertaining huh?


The show was started by Ever Since The Day. The gig set included some new tricks to rise up the atmosphere in the audience and those worked like an apple in the mouth of a fried pig…huh? Well the point was just that the audience took it and after the set of songs they even would’ve have wanted more. Because some breaks in our rehearsals (´cos of us taking turns in being sick;) ) we decided not to ruin the mood by playing anything half ready. Like they say “the apple pie tastes a lot better when it’s ready cooked than a raw one!” Well we really hope to be able to play for a same kinda audience someday again and perhaps even at Basso. So we can perhaps give those encores too without being afraid of messing up anything.


1. Stay Silent
2. “Insert the name of the nameless song here”
3. Crash
4. Night
5. Sanctuary
6. Story Called My Life
7. Falling to Pieces
8. It All Went Wrong
9. Forever