Live @ Turku Bandstand 2007, semi-finals

March 7th, 2007

On the 27th of February it was time for us to rise again up to the stage of Vimma at the event known as Turku Bandstand 2007. This time it was the semi-final round and the winner would receive a ticket to the finals. And as you know by now we won our round and got the ticket we so much craved for.

The crowd was much bigger than in the 1st round, so the atmosphere was way better, people were clapping their hands and so on. Nice crowd, I must say. All three bands were good (Noob, Half Apple and us), I believe that anyone could’ve gone to the finals. Our turn was to play first, which meant that we got to do our soundcheck with no audience present, always a big plus.

It’s a bit hard to say how it sounded to the audience, but based on the compliments from the crowd we sounded and looked better than in the first round. For me personally the feeling wasn’t the best before and during the gig because I had caught a cold just a few days before the show. I was really afraid that I’d lose my voice, but fortunately I didn’t. It was a bit of a struggle to sing, but as I said, I managed to sing without any major problems.

ForeverThe lights were big and flashy, thanks to the lighting guy again. Vimma is a nice venue to play in, all the gear is new, PA is big enough, a big stage, monitoring is great, the crew knows what they’re doing. The little stages have their plusses but then again so have the big stages.

This time we changed the second song from “Crash” to “It All Went Wrong”. It proved to be a good decision, we got people to clap their hands and really having fun with us. Time will tell which songs we will play in the finals. Come and check out!

I must say that I was really nervous when it was time to announce the winner. Maybe one could say that I was a bit surprised to hear our name, since all the bands were great. My hands were actually shaking after I heard our name called, but needless to say I was very happy. It’s fun to get up to the stage of Klubi again, it’s a really nice place to play in. We’ll see you all there!

1. Stay Silent
2. It All Went Wrong
3. Forever

The finals will take place on Saturday 17.3.2007 in Klubi. The ticket price is 8 € in advance (Levykauppa Äx and 8-raita) and 10 € from the door, so in order to save some money, get the tickets in time.

(Picture by Andy / Poison Remedy)