Ever Since The Day continues in Turku Bandstand

February 1st, 2007

Hello all! On Wednesday 31.1. we were playing in round #1 of Turku Bandstand, and the result was great. We took the first place and continue to semi-finals. Big thanks to all our supporters in the audience! Our special compliments go to last night’s tough opponents, FrozenHell and Viper Arms.

The date of our semi-final round is not decided yet, so keep checking out this site for updated information.

Vimma saw more energetic and more powerful Ever Since The Day on stage that night than ever. However, despite of that we were not satisfied with our performance.. A lot of work is needed in order to be competitive among the other semi-finalists.

Feedback from the Bandstand Jury was generally good, but the same issues were underlined that we already are struggling with. But by the time of the semi-finals there will be a bit more sharper and cleaner ESTD on stage.

ESTD on fire @ Turku Bandstand

Despite of the competitive nature in this gig, the atmosphere between the bands was really nice. Of course all the bands were nervous, but all went fine with the shared gears. Big thanks to guys of FrozenHell, and girls of Viper Arms!

Similarly, it was nice to see that on a Wednesday evening a nice amount of people had the chance to come and see some live music. And I have to say that Vimma is a nice place to play music. Lights really made it feel like a big gig and the stuff did it easy for us to play our set.

It seems that for us it is impossible to perform without problems. Despite the short set, Johannes managed to break a string (surprise).. What can I say, he seems to take everything out from his gear when he’s on the stage. Luckily the spare guitar was near…

I will not describe all the details about the spectacular show, because there is more to come. Be sure to catch up with the semi-final date and be there. We’ll need your support!

1. Stay Silent
2. Crash
3. Forever

- engine

I must add special thanks to the lighting guy for making those spectacular lights.

- Kari

Pictures from the show (photos by Tuomas Keränen) can be found in the Media section. If you want to read what Desibeli.net’s editor thought of the gig, click here