Live @ Klubi

December 18th, 2006

Ever Since The Day and Nerveseed played a gig together in Turku Klubi, 7th of December in the Pikkujoulu Rock Party. Despite the difficult timing after the Independence day, a nice amount of people came to see us up on the stage, and got a chance to hear a new song ‘Stay Silent’ for the first time…

We started packing our stuff in our cars with Johannes at approximately 4 PM. At least for once we didn’t need anything else but the backline because Klubi has it’s own PA equipment. Didn’t still mean that the packing would have been too easy but we managed to do it in time.

Photo by Markus Lehto /
Archie kicking ass (or bass drum) at Klubi

We arrived to Klubi around 5 PM and carried our stuff in. Nerveseed started the soundcheck around 6 o’clock and our turn was at approximately 7 o’clock. For the first time in the band’s history we didn’t really have to care about the volume getting too high. We managed to fix pretty good sounds thanks to the great space and sound staff at Klubi.

ESTD started playing little after 9 PM and what a gig we had. The whole band had pretty good vibes about playing that night and according to some members of audience and fellow artists it really showed out on the stage too. We started the gig with a totally new song that no-one had ever heard before and it was a hit. The song is called Stay Silent and it’s pretty fast and energetic piece of rock. As a second song we played the “nameless song” which we debuted at Nokia and they just simply swallowed those two first songs.

As the gig went on the audience was into it as much as Finnish audience can, thanks to the great starting. Kari’s singing volume was on a pretty good level too this time. The monitoring arrangements were fine too and everybody heard each other well enough on the stage.

Because the gig was advertised as “Pikkujoulu Rockparty” (lil’ x-mas rock party) we decorated the stage with some x-mass stuff. The guys of Nerveseed had an idea of one of us coming to the stage in a Santa Claus costume during their last song just to dance, so I went there to jump around for a little while.

- Archie

The show included also very exciting moments during ‘Crash’ as Johannes broke a string. Thanks to quick action and a spare guitar he was right on time when it was time to go solo…

- Jouni

1. Stay Silent
2. “Insert the name of the nameless song here”
3. Crash
4. Night
5. Sanctuary
6. Story Called My Life
7. Falling to Pieces
8. It All Went Wrong
9. Forever

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Kari singing at the KlubiJohannes on fire!Santa's not so little engine...

Photos by Lasse Ala-Nissilä