Live @ Pup Stop, Nokia

November 23rd, 2006

We played our first show outside Turku in Nokia on the 18th of November.

We started packing our van at around 2 PM, and what a masterpiece of packing it became. It was truly a piece of engineering. And we actually packed the van even better on the way back. It was pure art. Especially since we don’t have any cases for the cables and stands and stuff like that.

We arrived at Nokia somewhere around 5 PM. The bar, or pub is right next to a brewery (Nokian Panimo), so there should be at least fresh beer… However the first thing we did was eating, obviously. Archie noticed that there were jalapenos on the buffet. He had to take a whole plate of jalapenos, even though we tried to warn him. Well, after a few hours he had to have a so-called mexican shit =)

After we had set up the stage and had checked the sounds, began the nicest part of this all, waiting. Before it was our turn to hit the stage, there was a quiz, “Pertun visailu”, Perttu’s quiz or something like that. We gave a demo to the winning team, hope it will be listened to a lot.

We climbed up to the stage at about 11.30PM. This time we played three new songs, “Repeat”, “It All Went Wrong” and a song that is yet to be named. Especially “It All Went Wrong” and “NoNameYet” seemed to please the crowd, and “Forever” was again a definite crowd pleaser. Maybe because it’s shorter than our other songs, and the tempo is quite fast. I don’t know, I’m just guessing.

Suprisingly, again, nothing got broken, the crowd heard us pretty well, though many people said that the vocals should’ve been louder. But no one left with ears bleeding, so at least we weren’t too loud. We played for about an hour, and after that we packed all our stuff. Archie and Jouni left straight back to Turku after the gig, me and Johannes left to Pup Stop to talk with the members of the audience and to drink a few beers. I must say, that “Keisari” is a very, very good beer, you most definitely should taste it. It’s a shame that they don’t sell it in Turku. The ad ends here.

On Sunday morning me and Johannes picked up our gear from Pup Stop, and then began the long way back to Turku. It’s funny how the trip back home always seems to be much longer than it actually is, maybe the beers the night before have something to do with that…

We got a few CDs sold again, and hopefully gained some new listeners. At least we found a few guys who didn’t like our music. But I must say, that we had a very interesting discussion with them. They were very proper, and gave us good tips for the future. They were musicians themselves too, so they knew what they were talking about.

Thanks to the crowd for making us feel good, and special thanks to the very nice staff of Pup Stop. We hope to see you all soon again!


1. Lost All Words to Make This Work
2. Crash
3. Stretch
4. Night
5. Sanctuary
6. Story Called My Life
7. “Insert the name of the nameless song here”
8. Not Beautiful
9. Falling to Pieces
10. Forever
11. Obey
12. Repeat
13. It All Went Wrong

Ever Since The Day at Pup Stop