Live @ S-Osis

September 25th, 2006

On the 21st of September Ever Since The Day played for the first year university students in S-Osis.

Since we didn’t take our own PA-system to the venue, we had a lot less stuff to carry. Despite this, we managed to fill 3 cars with our equipment… sick. The more gadgets and blinking lights there are on the stage, the more professional it looks, right? After setting up the stage, we all split to have something to eat. An hour before the gig we gathered to the backstage to wait and to, well, wait for the beginning of the gig and at 20.45 we finally hit the stage.

A bit more energetic Ever Since The Day was seen on the stage. Perhaps the recently released EP Through My Eyes powered us and gave some extra energy. We played about 50 minutes, and at least a part of the crowd seemed to enjoy our music and performance, especially the faster songs pleased the audience. Again “Forever” caused the biggest number of smiles and cheers, maybe we should record that song next…

All the guys seemed to be pretty satisfied after the gig, and suprisingly there were no problems with the equipment this time. After the gig we got some CDs sold, so evidently some of the people liked the stuff. We’d like to thank the “road crew”: Markku, Antti & Jussi, and special thanks go to the guys and girls closest to the stage for enlivening the gig! Thanks also to the S-Osis staff as well as to the Hybridi organisation. Same time next year!

Additionally we’d like to wish all the best for the new students with their studies. After 6 years, some of us are still trying to make it through…

1. Lost All Words to Make This Work
2. Crash
3. Stretch
4. Night
5. Sanctuary
6. Story Called My Life
7. Not Beautiful
8. Falling to Pieces
9. Forever
10. Obey

Live in S-Osis