Live @ Sotku

July 17th, 2006

The first Ever Since The Day gig was held on the 9th of June at Sotku.

We had booked the place to play a gig to our friends and their friends. Giving that this was our first gig ever, all went pretty well. Technical difficulties seem to haunt us whenever we play live, and this time Kari’s guitar sound muted from time to time. Later we found out that our mixer was broken, which was nice. But even before this during the soundcheck we noticed that the other PA speaker was broken… luckily we found a speaker to save the day quickly enough. Naturally this meant, that we didn’t have the time to do another soundcheck with the new speakers, but the sounds were good giving the circumstances.

The crowd seemed to like our songs, and judging by the amount of positive feedback, we were certainly doing something right.

The band would like to thank Taneli for mixing, Antti for recording, Tom for filming the gig and Poor Seamus for lending their PA speakers. It was nice to see that so many of our friends were interested to see us live. Big thanks to you all, you really made it easy to come out of the rehearsal room.

1. Stretch
2. Lost All Words to Make This Work
3. Night
4. Sanctuary
5. Story Called My Life
6. Not Beautiful
7. A Step Away
8. Falling to Pieces
9. Forever
10. Crash

Beat team redy for actionKari giving his best at Gig in SotkuJohannes goes solo!