Live @ Get over getting older -tour, Pori

November 5th, 2009

Tuanoi yhtäkkiä,

The first leg of our “Get over getting older” -tour was in Pori on the 13th of June 2009. The tour includes a bunch of private events where we play acoustic. Though this is not a real tour in the sense that the gigs are not on consecutive days, but since all of the events have a common factor, I hereby with the power invested in me by the band will entitle this as a tour.

If you drive around in the outback of Pori, you might see a rare sight. First you should find a road like this:

“This is the road to hell?” Harper’s Island?

and then you may come across a cabin and a view like this:

Doesn’t seem like hell..?

Now you might wonder what is so special about this. Cabins like that exist all over Finland. But it’s the fauna, the wildlife if you will, that is so rare. If you are really lucky, you might see something spectacular. Remember to be quiet or you might scare him and drive him in to the woods. Be careful and don’t do anything that might cause you to look like a threat. Rule number one, do not touch his food. Ever. Don’t even think about it, he will sense that. If you want a lifelong friend, a raw piece of meat and barbeque equipment will surely do the trick.

One of the rarest sights ever.

This is how we looked like when we were young.

Strike a pose.

As you can see from the picture, the surroundings were a little different from normal. Probably not the smallest “stage” of our career, though. But we had to spend a minute or two in finding a fairly even spot for the cajón and to place ourselves to positions where we wouldn’t immediately get our feet wet. And I don’t think that the guitars would’ve enjoyed the cold water either.

I have to say that the environment was pretty spectacular to play. The only minus I have to give was the cold wind and the ridiculous amount of mosquitos. And believe me, they were after blood. For some reason they seemed to find my blood real tasty. The insect spray could’ve done a better job too. The gig went quite well and people paid interest, until the moment a pair of really pissed off swans came to guard their territory. Later in the evening the same swans decided that we cannot swim, and patrolled the shore. Luckily they lost interest after 15 minutes or so, and we got to get ourselves dipped in the freezing cold water. I think that the swan was straight from the album cover of an Amorphis album. A real life “Tuonelan joutsen”.

All good so far…

Straight Outta Compton? Or maybe straight out of Amorphis’ Silent Waters cover.

Dynamic duo
The dynamic duo. Starsky & Hutch. At this moment it started to feel a bit like Harper’s Island. One by one…

My reaction to the baywatch patrol. Screaming like a girl.

To The Moon And Back
Stay Silent
Rock With My Band
It All Went Wrong

Killing insects
Jouni and Johannes killing nature’s own’s.

Saint Lucy's Day procession
My version of Saint Lucy’s Day’s procession. In a way it’s kind of sad to act a group scene alone.

Jouni accompanied by a woodpecker. See the impeccable darts technique in the background.

What did you say? Again? Really? Ok, but just for this one time.

See what too many hours of mixing does to a human.

Oh, and in case you are wondering the clothing, that’s how we normally dress.

See you in the 80’s,