Live @ Brinkkalan kesä

September 17th, 2006

18th of August we played a gig at ‘Brinkkalan Kesä’ -happening in Turku.

There were 7 bands altogether, musical styles varying from Irish folk music to energetic rock played by Nerveseed. Our set was only 30 minutes long, and we were the second band to preform. The first band played a bit longer than expected, so it meant that we had no time to do the soundcheck. As a result, we heard nothing from the monitors. But feedback after the gig was again positive, so we assume that it sounded good to the audience. After all, that is all that counts in the end.

This was the first time we played Obey live, so the spectators got something special that evening.

Although we played already at 18.45 there were a good number of people in the audience. The overall feeling was good, and it was nice to play live and to get positive feedback from the audience and from the people who organised the happening. Thanks for the audience for making us feel welcome!

1. Crash
2. Sanctuary
3. Story Called My Life
4. Falling to Pieces
5. Night
6. Forever
7. Obey

Kari and Jouni on the stage of Brinkkala