Live @ Klubi, 2009

March 28th, 2009


I decided to make this journal with a different approach, this time I’m going to interview myself. Maybe I’ll ask something from the rest of the guys too, we’ll see. Quantity over quality (I’m not trying to say, that everyone else’s answers would be low in quality. If you’ve read these journals before, you know that my stories are at the bottom of the quality chart.).

Kari (the interviewer):
You had a gig at Klubi on the 12th of February. Could you tell us something about the other bands and other facts about the gig?

Kari (the band member):
Well, Kari, as you said the gig was on the 12th and we were scheduled to play at Vfest on the 14th so this was kind of the dress rehearsal for Vfest. The evening was filled with good music, if you didn’t drag your ass there, you missed a good show. The other bands performing were Five Minutes For Myself and Raaka-aine. Both great bands. I have praised FMFM earlier, but Raaka-Aine was a new acquaintance for me. They are actually the most downloaded artist in Radio Rock’s Rockstore at the moment, which is a pretty good achievement concerning that they don’t have a record label behind them. And to top this all they had a smoking hot gig van. Man, it would be nice to own a gig van. Going to gigs with three or four cars isn’t exactly the most efficient or cheapest way of travelling.

Kari (the interviewer):
How did your playing go? Did you have any new songs or gimmicks?

Kari (the band member)
We actually did have something new to offer for the crowd. A crowd, which was in the Turku-way unfortunately quite small numbered. I don’t know what’s wrong with people here. Everyone complains about bands not coming to Turku, and then when bands finally come no one goes to see them. But yeah, Jouni had a brand new bass guitar, which in my mind sounds way better than the old one. Goodbye for nu-metal sound. But that’s not all, we also had a brand new introtape. The first version we made was terrible. Well, not terrible, but it wasn’t appropriate for the meaning, not at all. The second version was far better. Basically, we just searched for a nice synth sound to put to the background and then I just played various guitar lines with lots and lots of delay. And to top this all, Jouni added a sound of a coin dropping. “Artisti maksaa.”

Kari (the interviewer):
An introtape? I’ve understood that you’ve had that idea for a long time. Why did you make the tape now?

Kari (the band member):
Yes, you are absolutely right, we have planned it for a long time. I’m going to citate Toni Wirtanen in Finnish, cause he said it so well: “Pakko on paras muusa.” I actually don’t know why we didn’t make the tape earlier, probably due to laziness. But now we felt like we had to make one for Vfest. And we decided that we have to have it ready already at Klubi, so that we could give it a test. We made the song just a few days before the gig and luckily it actually came out pretty good. We didn’t have the time to test it through a decent PA-system before the gig, so we weren’t sure on how it would sound for the audience. But as said, the stars were aligned perfectly and the tape sounded good.

Kari (the interviewer):
Let’s get back a bit, you said that Jouni had a new bass. What sort of bass?

Kari (the band member):
Oh, I didn’t know you were interested on bass guitars. I’m not going into details, but it’s a white Fender Jaguar. Looks pretty darn good. But white doesn’t make one look smaller…

Kari (the interviewer):
Why do you say that? I’ve read through your gig journals, and it seems that you are pretty mean to the other band members, especially Jouni. Why is that?

Kari (the band member):
I guess you are right. I can be a bit mean at times. But only towards those who I know won’t take it seriously. And I don’t think Jouni has ever taken me seriously… But I’m not really mean, if you missed it you should have your radar of sarcasm checked. With these journals, and actually all the entries I write the reader has always the responsibility. Plus, the boys have somehow managed to roll the main responsibility for these journals on me, so I guess this is my way of getting back at them.

Kari (the interviewer):
Jouni, how do you feel about Kari’s words. Have you taken him seriously?

If it makes him feel better I’m willing to be the bag to punch.

Kari (the interviewer):
Johannes, Kari has compared you to for instance Addams Family’s Gomez. Do you think you have resemblance to Gomez at all?

I have to admit not knowing this Gomez dude at all. But why should I, when we have the highway of knowledge called the Internet? “Gomez Addams is an athletic, acrobatic, and eccentric multi-billionaire.” (Wikipedia) Sounds about right?

Kari (the interviewer):
Joni, is Kari’s fear of your big biceps relevant? And do you think that he’s trying to hide his own insecurities by picking on you guys?


Kari (the interviewer):
Joni, what’s your opinnion?

What? Sorry, I can’t hear with all this duct tape in my ears.

Kari (the interviewer):
Ok, let’s get back to the gig. Do you have anything else to tell about the gig?

Kari (the band member):
We had tightened our set quite a bit. We tried to bind the songs together, and I was told to speak less. As one record label manager once said to us: “Less talking, more music.” Even though I say it myself, the tightening really improved our set to a whole new level. And the audience seemed to notice that too, based on the compliments after the gig. We also really did have fun on the stage, and hopefully that showed to the audience.

And another thing I have to mention, we had bread backstage. I can’t remember the previous time when bread tasted as good. It’s kind of the same thing as when you’re going camping or something like that, the food always tastes better than normally.

The sounds at Klubi are normally good, and the monitoring is quite good too, but this time it was even better. So it was a real pleasure to play, cause even I heard what was going on.

Kari (the interviewer):
What songs did you play?

Kari (the band member):
Our setlist looked pretty much like this:

    Stay Silent
    This Song Is Not Ready Yet, But We’ll Play It Anyway
    It All Went Wrong

Kari (the interviewer):
That sounds like a good set, it seems that the slower songs were dropped out. Was this intentional and are you going to completely ditch them, or was this just a temporary thing?

Kari (the band member):
Hmm, I’d say yes and no. We knew that we had to cut a few songs out because of the length of the gig, and the slower songs just kind of dropped out, so it wasn’t fully intentional. We’ll probably play them in the future, so this was just a temporary thing.

Kari (the interviewer):
Ok, good. I’ve always been a fan of your slower and more mellow songs. About the song names, it seems that there are still quite a few working titles. Any change coming soon?

Kari (the band member):
Yeah, I just have trouble coming up with titles. And now since the working titles have been around for so long, it’s hard to come up with anything. But I’ll try to be creative and come up with names.

Kari (the interviewer):
Do you have any pictures from the gig? Care to guide us through them?

Kari (the band member):
Yeah, we do have a few photos, let’s see what the CCD image sensors have captured:

The Terminator
Just imagine Arnold (the governor) saying: “I’ll be back.”

Johannes didn’t take a shower before the gig, so we tried to avoid getting near him.
Or maybe it was the other way around?

Shaking shaking shaking.

On stage.

The bass
Looks kind of neat, right? The bass I mean.

Writing on the wall 1
Johannes making his mark for the future generations to see.

Writing on the wall 2
Since this picture is so lousy, you have no way of knowing what Johannes wrote.
Maybe “Enemmän telakkaa!”?

Kari (the band member):
That’s enough with the photos. As you see, we unfortunately don’t have any high quality pictures from that gig. Do you have anything more? I’m a bit in a hurry. My head hurts from yesterday, and my stomach is craving for kebab.

Kari (the interviewer):
Ok, I’ll let you go pick up food. Thanks for this interview, and try not to be so mean to the others in the future.

Kari (the band member):
I’ll see what I can do about that. Later!

This journal doesn’t show you what extreme tiredness can escalate into, but what a total lack of ideas leads into. After this I will stop dreaming of ever being a reporter. I just killed a career opportunity for life.

Stay in school,