Live @ TVO, 2009

March 25th, 2009


On the 23rd of January we played yet another gig at TVO Turku. This gig was organized by Napalmi Productions and we shared the stage with Hybrid Children and Hellcity Punks. I don’t know if it was our improved set or the just released Hybrid Children’s new album, but there were a good number of people present.

A common feature among humans is the so called GAS. This doesn’t mean the gas you thought it would, so not the natural one. The acronym comes from Gear Acquisition Syndrome, and it’s a pretty common symptom at least if you play in a band. It means that even though there is absolutely no logical explanation or the need for acquiring new instruments, amplifiers, pedals or whatever, you still feel like you really need to buy one. Or usually many. The symptoms will show in different ways, such as forgetting your guitar backstage of a restaurant, or to an airplane (Automatic Eye’s Pete did this), just to name a few. Subconsiously GAS is always present. After a week has passed, and you still don’t remember forgetting your guitar to the previous gig venue, GAS is getting really acute.

Jouni normal
Jouni acting normal. Notice the mighty “You’re cow” -shirt.

Jouni punk
Jouni acting punk. Maybe the shirt says “More Cowabunga” after all?
Jouni was a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back in the days.

Jouni was backstage listening to the neverending stories of Hybrid Children’s Jasse while the rest of us settled for sitting in the dark corner where the light hardly ever points. Well, actually Joni and Johannes chatted with their friends and I sat alone in the dark corner. I have a sad life, right? But what wouldn’t I do for my art… As Hector said it: “…lauluja syntyy kun vituttaa…”*. From great pain comes good music. Or just bitter people.

Joni & Kari
Joni, with a stiiick. And the better side of me. Notice the duct tape on Joni’s ear.
No, it’s not a fashion statement, he just doesn’t want to hear the rest of the band.

I overheard someone saying in the bathroom (and no, I don’t generally spy on people while they are doing their “business”) that he believes that Hellcity Punks will be the next HIM or Disco Ensemble. Was he right? Time will tell. Unfortunately I can’t give my comment on that since me and Jouni missed their performance. We were willing (or were forced, your choice) to carry our gear back to rehearsal space while Joni and Johannes stayed in the shadows.

No wonder I felt a bit seasick after the gig.

Kari & Johannes
One more time with feeling.

The playing itself wasn’t anything special. I mean, we played good, and some people liked us. Then there were people who didn’t like us. It’s amazing what clothing can do for music. I bet if we had worn tight jeans (although you should know by now, that we are a band you DON’T want to see in tight clothing), chains and multple piercings and had been tattooed from head to toe we probably would’ve been accepted by some members of the audience. I guess the whimpy look doesn’t do it for everyone. But that’s just how it goes. You can’t please everyone, and we are definitely not even trying to.

Johannes Batman
We played a round of the game called “Look like your friend’s drink”.

Kari Sandels
Why did Johannes get to be the superhero?

As I mentioned earlier, Jouni was in the middle of the action, so I don’t have the tales worth telling. I guess I should ask myself why am I the one writing this journal, since I don’t have anything special to tell. One should learn not to volunteer. And obviously bigger muscles could help also. Weight equals power and overweight equals overpower. And I’m in the low end of our food chain.

This Song Is Not Ready Yet, But We’ll Play It Anyway
Stay Silent
It All Went Wrong

There’s no excuse for laziness. Working titles don’t rule.

Drinks on the band
Our band represented as the night’s drinks. Me (designated driver, again), Johannes, Jouni (in the back) and Joni.

Johannes laughing
It’s easy to laugh when you’re NOT the designated driver.

I think you’ve heard enough of me complaining, so I guess it’s better to blow the whistle. Here are few more pictures, hopefully they are more enjoyable than the text itself.

Us “working” the crowd.

If Jouni would bend his knees more than this, we would need to pick him up from the floor.

How did the song by Disco Ensemble go? He had the worst side out?

The next day I took back what I missed after the gig. Here’s about 50 euros worth of beer. Totally true.

Can you tell which was his favourite character? Leonardo, Rafael,
Michelangelo or Donatello? Or maybe Shredder?

As I mentioned, Jouni was in the middle of the action, but all I got from him was this comic-like picture. Enjoy. I don’t know where the “Hell yeah” -frase is from, but I’m pretty sure that Jouni’s not referring to the supergroup of heavy metal. Besides, there is a factual error in the second image. I cannot perform one of my legendary speaks while I’m singing. Maybe someday Jouni will tell us, how this error got pass his tight textual filter. Or not. He is a man of many mysteries. Maybe all Pori-based people are, go figure.


*On the song Timantti ja ruoste from the album Varjot ja lakanat.

Let’s keep the self-pity ongoing,