Live @ TVO, 2008

January 22nd, 2009

Hello world
Hello world
Hello world

Now that I have the attention of every nerd reading our website, I might as well go all the way with the IT jokes. On the 19th of December 2008 we played a show at TVO, Turku. The other acts were Rendez-Vous and Kansantauti. And for all of you who don’t have investigative journalist’s blood running in your veins, our former drummer Archie is now playing drums in Rendez-Vous.

The evening started with the soundcheck. TVO is really low, I mean the height of the room is not high, which then causes some difficulties with the sounds bouncing from the walls and ceiling. As you know, in old times people used to communicate with drums and Archie’s low tom had such a tune, that he was probably making long distance calls.


Yes, I’m a crappy coder, and I take great pride in that. But sky’s the limit to what you can do with a little duct tape. Obviously it also helps to attach the cables correctly and not to try to adjust the low tom’s sound through the bass drum’s mic. As Walter would put it, “Dumbasses” *. After a while Jouni and Johannes managed to get the sounds quite good and we could concentrate on waiting. I headed home and Joni went to pick up his hi-hat stand and to grab “fast food” (you all should know by now Joni’s impression of fast food), while Jouni and Johannes stayed at TVO’s backstage gathering stories for the generations to come.

Kari&Johannes, part1
Red is the color to go for during Christmas time.

As you know, we had to cancel another gig in the beginning of December, and since the winter colds were especially klingy this winter, I was still sick and also Jouni had managed to develop himself a nice fever. It’s always nice to see the bassist in the grey zones of his mind. At times I think he was hallucinating about playing in another band, cause a few times he seemed to play a totally different song than the rest of the band. But you got to give the guy credit. I think Jouni didn’t get out of his bed for two days after the gig. Because of the flu I mean, not because he was ashamed of his own playing. To top this all, I lost my voice after the second song, and gained control of it only in the last few songs. So all in all, this gig was a bit of a battle due to health problems (that’s what heavy fat diets do to you, don’t try them at home!). But it was fun to play anyhow, since TVO is a small and intimate place. A big post right in front of the stage kind of clips out a portion of the atmosphere, though. Only a half of the audience saw me (that could be counted as a surplus, though) and for the most Johannes was completely hidden behind the post. I guess some of the members of audience saw the neck of his guitar from time to time. Luckily Jouni was in the spotlight, so we might’ve gained some street cred from his fevered movement.

“Can you see my eyes are shining bright, cause I’m out here on the other side.”

Jouni was supposed to mix Kansantauti and Rendez-Vous, but he was way too sick, so luckily Nerveseed’s Ekku agreed to mix the two remaining bands. He has mixed us a few times already and since he knows most of the songs he was able to make nifty effects into the songs. Like frosting on a cake, if you will. Unfortunately after our show we all had to leave TVO, so we couldn’t stay for the rest of the bands. I left during Kansantauti’s set, and there was almost a small but controlled riot going on. People were jumping and shaking and all that. And I’m sure that Rendez-Vous got the same amount of movement going on in the audience.

Kari&Johannes, part2
Not Akmed, it’s Achmed, Ch, Ch, Ch. How does this relate to the picture, you say?
Absolutely in no way. Except that I have bones too, and have blown up different
kinds of objects. For instance a stump of a tree. And no, I am not lying.

It All Went Wrong
Stay Silent
This Song Is Not Ready Yet, But We’ll Play It Anyway

Note to self: Start coming up with names for the newer songs.

* A poor attempt in referencing to one of ventriloquist Jeff Dunham’s characters.

- Kari, on a stiiick

    Print(Silence! I keeel you!);