Live @ Vimma

October 27th, 2008


After a long break we came out from the closet, equipped with new drummer and an adorable amount of knocking-out speaks to throw in during the tuning breaks. And like every self-respecting salesman would continue: “That’s not all”. Two new songs saw daylight and an oldie was taken out from the attic in Ever Since The Day’s first gig with the new lineup in Vimma 10.10.2008!

Vimma-ComboOn that Friday evening a couple of dozen people gathered into Vimma voluntarily more or less sober to see how much more weight our band had gained during the long break. Well, according to one of the spectators, at least the total size of biceps has doubled.. (We have set up a workgroup to find out if that also applies to the total waist size.) Not only Joni’s biceps, but also his long experience behind the drums was something that the audience could not have missed - in a short time Joni has adapted to the band very well!

Speaking on experience… You may practice and play the songs over and over again in home or in the rehearsal space, and you know how to play the stuff on the stage. But just playing the music is not the same as to perform. When you perform you always end up with a sweaty shirt and an enormous thirst. And yet when you see yourself from the DVD it seems like you were sleeping up there. I really have to admire those old school Rock’n Roll godfathers that can perform a couple of hours in a row and fly on the stage with an enormous amount of energy.

Vimma proved once again to be one of the best venues in Turku to perform live music. Stage is huge and equipment is professional. And again the stuff is really great - no problems what so ever. Soundcheck was done in a bit of a hurry, but luckily guys from the Dead By Gun had polished their sound for a while so there was not much left to us… Only one drawback was my overdrive pedal, which had some kind of grounding issues, so we decided to drop that from the sound chain.

Originally there was supposed to be three bands on the stage, but unfortunately Skies had to cancel their show. We were the first band on stage somewhere around 19:30 which is quite an unusual time to play on Friday evening. Another strange thing to notice was that when you are playing a gig in a venue that has no alcohol for sale the audience is actually really concentrated on what is happening on the stage and on the band’s music. I personally noticed this between the songs. Usually at those moments you hear people chatting and having fun with friends etc.. Now after the applause it was almost deadly quiet - everyone seemed to wait what the band’s next move will be.

One of the funniest moments occurred after our last song. I left my bass leaning on to the bass amp without muting it. After I left the stage the bass & the cabinet started to produce very low frequency feedback that sounded like a beginning of a intro-tape or something. Even the guy behind the mixer was amused and wasn’t sure if we really had finished or not.. Neither did the audience, but meanwhile I was already in the backstage getting rid of my sweaty t-shirt completely unaware about the mess I left behind.

We really enjoyed the gig - it was a pleasure to be on the stage again. Thanks to all of you who were with us that night either in Vimma or online! More will come, the gig next is already booked to be 3.11. in Helsinki. See you there!

- Jouni

- It All Went Wrong
- Stay Silent
- Sanctuary
- FF
- Night
- Crash
- 362
- UB
- Repeat
- Forever