Live @ Dante’s Corner

February 5th, 2008

Well hello!
Time for another story from the world of Ever Since The Day. Read on and know what you have missed if you weren’t there January 19th 2008!

The worst thing related to gigs is the enormous amount of waiting. You are always waiting for soundcheck, the act itself or waiting for the event to end so you can finally grab your gear and get out. Well, I personally enjoy when there is only few bands up on the stage during the event, then there isn’t too much variables that can turn the show into a disaster.

Actually, I started to think about this a bit more and I came into a conclusion that I perhaps prefer those gigs where we take our own PA system. Although it is not PRO in any sense, we anyway know how to set it up and it does not even take too much time. And the best thing is that you have something to do for the whole evening. Kari actually has taken the miserableness of waiting into a whole new level… I really have to get a picture someday that describes it all.

But back to the Dante’s Corner. The day was rainy as all the other days in the beginning of January in the west coast of Finland. Days were lacking daylight although they were already getting longer and the rain wasn’t making the situation any better. It was already dark when four more or less enthusiastic guys packed their cars and drove to the Dante’s Corner. Kari and I missed a free parking slot just next to the venue, so we carried our gears in the rain. As we got in to the Dante’s, we noticed that we weren’t the only ones having troubles with the water. During the night the ceiling had leaked, so there was now a bunch of barrels filled with water just there where the PA systems wires came out from the ceiling for the mixer. Nice..

So we waited something like an hour and a half for the situation to stabilize. Meanwhile, we set our gears up on the stage and waited for the mixing engineer to show up. You may imagine eight guys trying to make fun about a single piece of lip balm for a couple of hours. It is not something you want to hear….

Well, time went on and the mixing engineer got his stuff up and running.. Then the real action started. The mixing engineer seemed to be used to get everything out from the PA because already when they were setting up the bass drum sound the PA systems main amp’s clip light was continuously dancing in the beat of Nerveseed’s drummer’s right feet. At that point we had a short discussion about volume levels, and in the end the volume level was pretty fine.

The Dante’s Corner was not the easiest place what comes to the sound. Brickwall just behind the stage and no damping whatsoever in the ceilings or walls. However the room was wide, so it was a big plus. Anyway it took a quite a long time for Nerveseed to set up their sound. When it was our turn, we tried to use as much the same settings as it was possible. At the time we finished our soundcheck the clock was eight. Four hours for setting up two bands is perhaps the record in this bands history - without own PA.

The Gig itself was quite as usual but the setlist was modified a bit.. We had decided to try a special song order, but that seemed to fail miserably. Although it sounded like a plan when we arranged the songs more or less in the order of tempo, there is a reason why nobody does it. It really makes the set to sound dull. So that was the last time we try that =) But anyway, 60-70 people where tapping their feet during the gig, so you could say that the night was successful.

- Jouni

- Night
- Falling to Pieces
- crash
- 362
- Sanctuary
- Stay Silent
- Forever
- It All Went Wrong

(photos By Jukka Tahvanainen)