Live @ Ottopoika

February 6th, 2008

Hi there,

we played a show with Nerveseed at Tampere in Ottopoika on the 26th of January 2008. Again it has come the time to write some sort of a story about that trip and I’m fresh out of ideas. I’ve used all of my supposed-to-be-funny jokes and have verbally insulted Jouni on pretty much all of the previous journals… What now, what on earth could I write about? Maybe I’ll just stick to the old pattern, a few words about the gig and a picture of Jouni eating. Works every time. Or does it? You’ll be the judge and the jury. Here it goes.

I went to Tampere already on Friday, and went through the local guitar stores in order to find an acoustic guitar. I made one big mistake: I tested an expensive Larrivee. Nothing compared to that, too bad it was too expensive. None of the other guitars came close to that, so now I’ll have to rethink my budget, or settle for something a bit cheaper. I’m probably sticking with the original plan, and will buy a moderate priced guitar. But yeah, don’t test an instrument that’s beyond your budget, you’ll only end up damaging your assumptions that the cheap ones are as good… =)

I went to Ottopoika a few minutes too early, rest of the guys were just carrying equipment downstairs. If I would’ve arrived a few minutes later, I would’ve been spared from carrying all the stuff. Talk about bad timing. Well to be honest, all the heaviest stuff had already been carried downstairs, so I survived that part. Pretty mean, don’t you think? But let’s face it, no one likes to carry and overpacked bag with sharp drum-related stuff in it. Or a 4 x 12 guitar cabinet. Nah, who am I kidding, I only came a bit late, because I assumed that the rest of the guys would be late too, as they always are. But they weren’t as late as I thought. Enough about that, I bet I bored you to death with all this irrelevant mumbojumbo.

As Funeral for a Friend sings: “…and the waiting is the hardest thing to take”. It sure looks like that, right?

The place was really small, I mean really small. But the good thing about small venues is that there doesn’t have to be that many people in order for the place to seem packed. Hmm. People, what are they? Some objects that come to see the show? I could say that we were seriously lacking those objects this time, but more about that a bit later. First we had problems with the volume level, I don’t know why the inventor of drums didn’t integrate a volume knob to the instrument, life would be so much easier. Yeah, I admit, that was below the scale. But I did say that I’m fresh out of things to say so try to bear with me. Back to the point, we managed to damp down the volume level with all sorts of clothings, towels and paper. The crashes sounded a bit “out-of-tune” so to speak. But who cares, at least no one lost their hearing. We had no monitors, but I guess there’s no point in going there: even when we do have monitors, I usually can’t hear anything from them (as you should know by now). We tried to adjust the guitar/bass speakers so that everyone could hear at least someone’s instrument. Some lucky ones could even hear their own playing. That’s a privilege I seldom have.

A huge fashion flaw: I’m wearing the same shirt on two consecutive gigs!

In action
Us in action.

After the sound check we waited for a while for people to show up. Not a lot of people showed up, seven to be exact. I guess it goes without saying that they all were our friends. But this is something that unknown bands face all the time. You just have to enjoy your playing and give a 100% every time, even though there would be only a few people listening. Halfway through the gig people started to show up, and at ten o’clock there were actually quite a lot listeners, too bad we were just finishing our set. We played ok, although we thoroughly messed up our only cover song. One of the worst versions of that song I’ve ever heard. It would be an understatement to say that we didn’t do justice to the song, it was more of a slaughtery. But these things happen, even the big names screw up sometimes. I guess it means that we should stick with out own music, and not try to play cover songs with our skills. After all, no one can say that we play wrong when it comes to our own songs =)

Somehow half of Nerveseed got past the security and right in front of the stage.

As Jouni wrote, we tried a different approach to the song order on the previous gig (in Dante’s Corner, read the journal here) but it didn’t work so we got back to the normal order. It was fun to play the songs in a different order for a change, but, as stated quite many times now (why do I get the feeling that I’m repeating myself), it didn’t work.

Ari and the Sticks
Hit me baby one more time.

Kari & Jouni
Jouni didn’t eat any jalopenos, in case you’re wondering why the face.

After us it was time for Nerveseed to get up on the stage. Quite a few people had showed up by then, so the “roof was high” so to speak, people were singing along and clapping their hands and all that, so a good night after all. They even played a few of their older songs, and casually insulted me and my lousy speaks too. But I got to hand it to them, they absolutely hit the nail on the head with the insults. I have to come up with something to get back at them, so beware you guys =)

I bet Johannes could get used to this…

After the gig Nerveseed and Ari headed back to Turku, but me, Jouni and Johannes decided to stay at Tampere and check what the city has to offer. We were supposed to go to Ruma, but there was too long a line so we decided to go to Klubi. At Klubi there was some sort of hiphop/reggae/electronic music happening, but we got food so we obviously enjoyed our being there though the music wasn’t maybe our style.

Stay Silent
Falling to Pieces
It All Went Wrong

I guess now it’s time to put you out of your misery (metaforically speaking). There’s only one thing I have to add before this journal is ready. Yeah, I bet you already know what I’m talking about. So here you have it, Jouni eating:

Enthusiasm at its purest. Jouni finishing up Johannes’ meal.

‘Till next time, ta ta.