Live @ NMKY Tampere

January 12th, 2008

Hi there,

these pictures will sum up everything you want to know about this gig. We had fun as usual. Oh yeah, the audience really liked Popeda. Makes sense. “Ikurin turbiini” is almost a sacred person in that neighbourhood, you don’t want to bash Pate if your not wearing heavy body armor and a mouthguard.

First there was an empty hall.

After the show we ate.

After we had eaten, we waited for Jouni to finish his “dessert”.

In Finland we don’t have those sunny beaches of California or Australia, so we have to improvise.

1. Stay Silent
2. Moment of Our Love
3. Boys of Summer
4. Night
5. Crash
6. Falling to Pieces
7. Sanctuary
8. Fairytale Gone Bad
9. Right Here in My Arms
10. Everlong
11. It All Went Wrong
12. Forever

‘Till next time