Live @ S-Osis & Salo

November 15th, 2007

A story about a busy weekend in August.


Once again it was our turn to help our fellow musicians in trouble. Lines of Leaving was arranging their record releasing gig at S-Osis in Turku. Unfortunately Starlight Nine had to cancel their show so they contacted us to ask if we would come there and play. Well as you all have propably already noticed we have some problems in saying no to gig offers. ;)

The first band to hit the stage was Monitors Alive and what a good and energetic show they had. After Monitors Alive it was our turn to entertain the small audience that was there. The gig showed that Ever Since The Day has reached the point when we propably could play where ever, when ever and still look and sound simply good. The gig was loose and relaxed and we did our share as promised. For me as a drummer it felt like finally I could just simply enjoy of playing without thinking of what to play. It almost felt like the music just flowed out of our instruments.

After us Lines of Leaving started to play and they were great. Their music really sounded splendid, and the songs were good. Unfortunately they had even less audience than we did. Oh well, I hope they still want to come to Turku after that because they really rock! Last but not least it was Striking Case’s turn to play. I had to leave before they started but the guys said it was really great show they put up. Jouni said their rock music really impressed him.


Not one without another, huh? Again it was time to pack our gear and hit the road. This time the destination was Salo. We were about to rock the Sunday with Automatic Eye and Dead By Gun. The morning was a bit chilly and almost rainy but when we got to Salo it started to get more clear, almost sunny actually. There we noticed that mixing etc. would be done by the same people who did it at Vrock competition so the sounds were in good hands.

We were the first band to hit the stage. When we started to play there was barely anyone there to hear it but we still played the gig and to be honest it went really fine. This time even I heard what the other guys were doing on the stage. Monitoring was really professional and well arranged and the fact that there were two professional looking cameramen running around also made me to feel like we would’ve been on Wembley Stadium or something.

After us it was Automatic Eyes turn to play. These guys really know how to put up a show. Their basist got his wire so twisted during the gig that we were amazed that it didn’t get broken or anything.

Next it was Dead By Guns turn. We had been informed that they’ll be using their own drums there but at the end they used mine, so our plans to hit the road after Automatic Eyes had to be forgotten. Dead By Gun played their own set well too. Perhaps the guys have been touring too long or something but it seemed to me like they had no energy on the stage. Perhaps one of the reasons is that there wasn’t even that much audience left than there was when we played.

So the conclusion is that a Sunday afternoon is not really the best possible day to arrange a gig at Salo… Or propably nowhere although we had blasting fun there. ;)