Live @ Brinkkalan Kesä 2007

November 15th, 2007

Hi there,

on the 17th of August we played live at the event called Brinkkalan kesä. This was our second time there, we’ll see if this turns into a tradition.

We started, as usual, by packing our gear into cars, and this time we didn’t have that much of stuff. Ari took some drum-related stuff, me and Johannes our amp heads and that was pretty much it. Well, of course we had to take our instruments with us too but they sort of come with the package. We’ve done a few gigs now where we didn’t have to take all our equipment with and I have to say that I really enjoy not having to carry every single thing we have. If only Ari could get rid of one bag that weighs way too much, is loaded with sharp objects and is hard to carry. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone carrying that bag would get injured.

When arriving at Brinkkalan sisäpiha (it’s right behind the balkony where “Joulurauha” is declared), we carried our stuff backstage and went on to find parking space. After a while it was our turn to set up the stage. There were supposed to be two guitar cabinets for the bands to use, but only one cabinet was on stage. There was one cabinet backstage, but no one seemed to know whose it was. When I asked for the second cabinet the organizers didn’t know what I was talking about. Well that’s nothing, but the fact that even the soundcrew (who were responsible for the PA and backline) didn’t know a damn thing got me pissed off. If it says in the contract that two guitar cabinets are brought to the place by the organizer and are free to use, I believe I had every reason to be angry. Luckily the soundcrew had brought a combo amp so I had something to use. It seems that after buying the new amp, I’m never going to get to use it. Ok, I did use it at S-Osis in Lines of Leaving’s record release gig, but a week earlier at Salo there were some missunderstandings between the bands and as a result I had to borrow an amp, which sounded great by the way (thanks to Niko from Automatic Eye for letting me borrow his amp and pedalboard). But now, let us get back to the gig at Brinkkala…

During the first few songs I, surprise surprise, really struggled with the monitoring. I heard pretty much nothing else but my guitar, and the sound was awful. That’s the advantage of having no sound check when playing with someone else’s gear… As a positive side this time we did hear something from our monitors, the last time a year earlier we heard nothing cause the sound guys had connected the cables wrong… After numerous hand gestures to get my message through to the mixing guy and probably looking like I was trying to fly, I finally got some balance to the monitor sound and eased up a bit.

The gig itself was pretty normal with the exception that we played a new song, 362. We’ve played the song acoustic a couple of times, but this was the first time we performed it as a band version. I don’t know how the crowd took it since I was busy concentrating on my own playing and singing, but it was fun to play something new for a change. I hope they liked it, I know I did. And yeah, I almost forgot to mention, I managed to embarrass one friend, with all intention. Sorry about that. It was fun though. And he had it coming.

After the show Ari had to leave cause he had plans for the evening. While Jouni enjoyed a hard-earned(?) cider, me and Johannes took the equipment back to our rehearsal space. After that we drove back to the city and headed on to Bremer (a bar in Turku, ad not paid for) where Jouni and a large number of friends were waiting. When we got in we found Jouni eating snails and drinking red wine (how rock’n'roll is that?!?). He’s a man of many mysteries (and many “vanha porilainen sananlasku”s). Many bad jokes were told, obviously, none of them is worth telling.

Stay Silent
Story Called My Life
Falling to Pieces
Boys of Summer
It All Went Wrong

That’s a wrap!